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Reading List - Recent Articles


REcent Articles that I have read

The articles below are  references that I have read recently that I use as resources for collaboration with clients and organizations I serve.

Research shows it pays to practice gratitude

Ways to Show Employees Gratitude Year-Round

How Nonprofits Can Help Donor-Advised Fund Philanthropists Listen and Learn

Stanford Social Innovation Review

“Listening to the people one seeks to help—and communicating their feedback—not only informs a nonprofit’s mission, but can also steward the donors who support it.” - Pamela Norley and Elaine Martin, Fidelity Charitable

Forget Cash. Here Are Better Ways to Motivate Employees

Harvard Business School - Working Knowledge

Ashley Whillans says, “Many managers feel awkward showing gratitude and shy away from it,” she says. “That’s why organizations need to make a push to help managers with this. It can make all the difference in whether a talented worker stays or goes.”

Reading List - Relevant Books


Relevant books that influence my work

The books I feature below are some of the most influential in my life and work. 

The Four Agreements

by don Miguel Ruiz

This book change my life and my work. Four simple, but not always easy, ways to create a "new dream."

A Simple Act of Gratitude

by John Kralik

Originally published as 365 Thank Yous - The Year a Simple Act of Daily Gratitude Changed My Life, this book by John Kralik and my subsequent Working Gratitude interview with him continue to inspire me. 

The Power of Intention

by Dr. Wayne Dyer

For me this book layered many insights and teaching the Law of Attraction and creating the life you want in alignment with my sense of the Universe, God, my higher power. 

The 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace: Empowering Organizations by Encouraging People

Book by Gary Chapman and Paul E. White

The New York Times bestseller translates the 5 Love Languages into very useful and approachable tools for cultivating and expressing gratitude at work. 

Emotional EQuations

by Chip Conley

After hearing Chip speak at a summit, I began studying this book and exploring some of his TED Talks. His first Working Gratitude interview back in 2013 provides additional insight about his work.