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Odonata = Dragonfly

Odonata = Dragonfly

Odonata = Dragonfly

A creature of transformation.

A symbol of change, renewal,

positive force & power of life.

Maturity. New light & joy. 

Good luck, prosperity, purity,

harmony, happiness, courage,

strength hope, & love.

A dragonfly lives a short life,

it must live its life to the fullest.

Read more about my connection to dragonflies on LinkedIn.  Executive coaching, consulting, and collaborating creates individual and organizational transformation.


Odonata = Dragonfly

Odonata = Dragonfly

Executive Coaching

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Odonata = Dragonfly

Executive Coaching










“Be the change

you want to see

in the world.” 

- Gandhi

Darin's most recent guest blog

What I'm Most Grateful For

Gratitude Circle founder, Najma Khorrami, was one of my guests on Working Gratitude in August. It has been nice to collaborate with her and the community she and her team are creating with the Gratitude Circle app. Blog: 

What I am Most Grateful For

Why The Photo of the Grand Canyon?

I was 40 years old...

If you wonder why my cover photo for the site is the Grand Canyon, there's a story there. 

In 2008, when I turned 40, I did an 8 day whitewater rafting trip and it was life affirming and life changing. Since that first trip, I have been to the Canyon 8 times and shared the experience with guests from all over the world and a variety of backgrounds. I found great joy in seeing them experience, with wonder and awe, the majesty of the Canyon. I've coached and witnessed people conquer fears and take chances. 

In the past 10 years, in my professional life, I have had many similar experiences watching individuals and organizations experience success and face challenges. Gratefully, I have been able to coach and collaborate with many of them to take those successes to the next level and face those challenges with tenacity.

My business is named Odonata Coaching and Consulting because this is the name of the order in entomology that dragonflies belong to. Dragonflies are creatures of significant transformation. That is what my work with individuals and organizations does - CREATE NEW POSSIBILITIES AND GREAT TRANSFORMATION.