Executive Coaching Client Perspectives

Consulting and Executive Coaching - Sales Meeting

"Our session with Darin was the most talked about event at our Sales Meeting! Awesome time and the session was something that gave us fulfillment and made a difference."

Ron G.

Founder & President, Alliance Plastics

"I'm glad we made the decision to invest both financially and of our time into learning what you teach.  Its been over a year since we began our work together and we see your impact daily in the office and with our clients.  Thank you!"

Steve V.

Tax Professional and Financial Advisor


"I have had the opportunity to work with Darin in both individual coaching and group workshop settings, and I would highly recommend his services. Through our sessions I have developed skills to better manage everyday personal and professional challenges, as well as focus my energy on positive reflection and progress. I am certain that the tools and perspective I have gained will last a lifetime, making my time with Darin invaluable."  

- Erin A.

MBA/Real Estate Finance and Sales

"You have helped me shift my focus to being grateful for my work. I appreciate you and all that you do."

- Allison A.


"I want to thank you for the extra time that you spent with me on our session tonight.  You have no idea how greatly you have impacted my life.  I truly cannot thank you enough."

-Dr. Miranda T. 

Doctor of Chinese Medicine & Acupuncturist

"You are helping me get excited about the possibilities the future can bring rather than fearing the change that is inevitable."

- Debbie Y.

Marketing Communications Executive

"As I reflect on my time working with you as my coach, I find myself incredibly grateful! The months we worked together marked a profound transition in my attitude and energy from resignation to optimism and enthusiasm! You provided the space and insight I needed to connect the truth I knew to the reality I experience. My deep thanks to you for your generosity of time and spirit!"

-Jim B. 

Former Executive Director LGBT non-profit


“So thankful for Darin. Thanks to him, I am making positive changes to my business that will allow me to do the work I love for clients that I truly enjoy working with. He has helped me see my work through a whole new lens. Every day I am grateful for the work I get to do and the amazing people I get to work with.

“If you have ever considered a business coach or if you feel you are in a rut and need to 'adjust' your work and/or life attitude, he is absolutely amazing.I was skeptical at first, but now I am a believer. Attitude is everything!”

Cultivate and share gratitude

"Gratitude is to life and work as stretching and

cardiovascular training is to fitness.

For optimal success, gratitude should be a part of your regular “workout”  - your personal and professional life. “Warm up” with it to start every day or “cool down” with it at the end of your day. And when you have 'heavy lifting'

at work always start or shift with gratitude."

- Darin Hollingsworth