5 Questions - Beyond Surviving to Thriving

I had the opportunity to speak to a Kiwanis Club in Jackson, TN. As part of my rehearsal and preparation process, I did a video but here I've just captured the audio with some on screen slides. I hope this gives you perspective of my coaching, consulting and collaboration work and my podcast, Working Gratitude - Real people. Real gratitude at work. 


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Working Gratitude Challenge

On a recent episode of my podcast, I offered a challenge to find your Working Gratitude. What are you grateful for AT WORK? If you are grateful for a person, have you told them. Let us know how you are doing at info@WorkingGratitude.com

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Darin is Working Gratitude for Mental Health

Darin's interview is now available. 

Later in May Darin will share a Working Gratitude interview where he will discuss his gratitude for navigating his journey with depression, anxiety and PTSD to arrive at and return to a thriving career via his gratitude practice.