R. Darin Hollingsworth, Founder

Chief Gratitude & Accountability Officer and Master Collaborator

Darin Hollingsworth has had a thriving career as a financial advisor, a sales professional, a senior fundraising professional and a non-profit executive.

Now via business, success, and philanthropy coaching, Darin is passionate about helping successful professionals realize and exceed their personal and professional potential. He helps individuals find and confirm their passion, their inspiration, and motivation creating outcomes that impact their communities. This is accomplished through collaborative work based on expertise, gratitude at work, encouragement and accountability.

Additionally, Darin works with businesses, non-profit executives and boards of directors to create new possibilities for transformational customer and donor relationships, organizational strategy and governance as well as continuity and succession planning. Via collaboration and consulting, Darin engages with clients to empower them to build upon strengths and face challenges with confidence and expertise.

Intentional transformation


  • business leaders,
  • financial professionals, 
  • non-profit executives,  
  • boards of directors,  
  • successful business owners

to create powerful


in life and work.


Leaders cannot give

what they do not have. 


Create. Launch.

Execute new ideas.

Measure results.

Cultivate gratitude.

Coaching + Consulting = Collaborating


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