Darin Hollingsworth - Executive Coaching

Chief Gratitude & Accountability Officer and Master Collaborator

Darin Hollingsworth has had a thriving career as a financial advisor, a sales professional, a senior fundraising professional and a non-profit executive.


Now via executive and philanthropy coaching, Darin is passionate about helping successful professionals realize and exceed their personal and professional potential. He helps individuals get curious and explore their passion, their inspiration, and their motivation while creating positive outcomes that impact their businesses and their communities. This is accomplished through collaborating work based on research, expertise, gratitude at work, encouragement, and accountability.


Additionally, Darin works with businesses, non-profit executives and boards of directors to create new possibilities for transformation in customer and donor relationships, organizational culture, organizational strategy and governance, as well as continuity and succession planning. Via collaboration and consulting, Darin engages with clients, empowering them to build upon strengths and face challenges with confidence and expertise.


Darin also produces and hosts a podcast. “Working Gratitude” launched in 2012 to stimulate dialogue and conversation about research based best practices of gratitude in the workplace and ways that gratefulness is expressed via involvement, community impact and giving. These brief interviews with successful leaders from a variety of professional environments will encourage and inspire you and give you ideas about how you can start “Working Gratitude.”  In over 60 conversations, Darin has explored ways that gratitude can shift individual perspective and organizational culture.

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Intentional transformation


  • business leaders,
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  • non-profit executives,  
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  • successful business owners

to create powerful


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Leaders cannot give

what they do not have. 


Create. Launch.

Execute new ideas.

Measure results.

Cultivate gratitude.

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Darin's guest blog

What I'm Most Grateful For

Gratitude Circle founder, Najma Khorrami, was one of my guests on Working Gratitude in August. It has been nice to collaborate with her and the community she and her team are creating with the Gratitude Circle app. Blog: 

What I am Most Grateful For

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Friends and colleagues have asked "Why Odonata?"​ (Not to mention how to pronounce it. ow·duh·naa·tuh) In this article, I explain some my connections to dragonflies and how they inspire my work.
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Gathering a mental health toolkit - before you need it.


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What happens when you have worked all your life to build a coping skills toolkit and then the toolkit seems to disappear?

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