R. Darin Hollingsworth


Chief Gratitude & Affirmation Officer


Welcome to Odonata Coaching & Consulting. Working with Darin Hollingsworth and Odonata Coaching & Consulting will help you transform and advance your life and work to a level of success, joy, enthusiasm and sense of accomplishment that magnifies and expands upon the successes you have already realized in your life and work.


Welcome to Odonata Coaching & Consulting

Empowering people to THRIVE

by helping them to make a living and make a difference.

“Be the change you want to see in the world.” - Gandhi

A creature of transformation. A symbol of change, renewal, positive force & power of life. Maturity. New light & joy. Good luck, prosperity, purity, harmony, happiness, courage, strength hope, & love. A dragonfly lives a short life, it must live its life to the fullest.

Odonata = Dragonfly

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A Note from Darin -

My life and work are based on a very fundamental perspective of Gratitude. I am grateful to you for your interest and willingness to invest time, effort and resources in yourself and I thank you for considering me to be a part of this important work. Additionally, much of my work deals with the law of attraction and so I am grateful that you have found this website and that our lives have come together at a time when we can contribute to one another’s growth and transformation.


Working Gratitude Interviews

This week we hear from an author, educator and non-profit executive about “What’s Next?” and her gratitude for her work.

Look for more new Working Gratitude interviews each week.

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